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Injured passengers: what to do following a car accident

In a Connecticut car crash, there is often concern about the condition of the drivers involved. However, many vehicles involved in accidents contain passengers who may be injured as well. Depending on where the passenger was seated during the crash and the area of the vehicle where the crash occurred, a passenger may suffer minor cuts and bruises, catastrophic injuries or something in between. If you were a passenger in a vehicle involved in a crash and were injured as a result, it's important to protect your legal rights.

Female pedestrian injured in Connecticut car crash

A woman has been hospitalized after getting hit by a car at a Connecticut intersection. The 27-year-old suffered numerous injuries after she was hit just outside the New Haven area.

Dealing with disfigurement after a Connecticut semi crash

A serious accident - such as one involving a tractor trailer or other large vehicle - can cause a lot of damage. Not only is there damage to the vehicle, but the driver and passengers of the vehicles suffer injuries as well. Victims of Connecticut crashes may suffer physically and emotionally for weeks, months or even years. Some may even face lifelong scarring and disfigurement due to the severity of their injuries.

SUV causes multiple rear-end auto collisions in Hartford

It can be a scary situation when a reckless driver hits multiple cars and keeps on going, with no intention of stopping. It can be even more frightening when victims are seriously injured. That was what happened on a recent night in Hartford when the driver of an SUV went out of control and had to be tracked down by witnesses.

Car crash involving motorcycle causes serious injuries

The difference in size between motorcycles and passenger vehicles can cause motorcycles to become easy targets for distracted drivers who may not notice them in the roadway. An accident in Connecticut involving a car and motorcycle has left the motorcyclist seriously injured, and distracted driving may have been a factor. The car crash happened on the morning of July 1 along Route 63 in Naugatuck, causing traffic to detour and the road to close for several hours.

Consensus sought on solution to distracted driving problem

Cellphones and other mobile devices have changed the way Americans communicate and are able to access information. While there are many positives associated with cellphones, there are also many negatives, including the role of cellphone and mobile technology in contributing to car accidents involving distracted driving.

Tis the season to brush up on safe winter driving tips

As Connecticut residents gear up for the busy holiday season, winter weather is always a consideration. Each year, far too many drivers are involved in car accidents in which inclement weather plays a role. In many cases, these types of accidents could be prevented if drivers would follow basic safe winter driving tips.

Driver's reckless actions result in multiple-vehicle accident

Most Connecticut drivers have likely at one time or another witnessed or encountered another driver who was driving aggressively or erratically. Drivers who engage in dangerous driving behaviors endanger not only their lives, but also those of other drivers, passengers and pedestrians. A recent crash along Connecticut's Interstate 95 illustrates this point and proves how the actions of one driver can adversely impact the lives of many.

Alcohol factor in more than one-third of pedestrian fatalities

In recent history, state and federal agencies have spent billions of dollars on anti-drunk driving education and campaigns. Today, Americans are well aware of the safety and legal implications of drinking and driving. While the dangers associated with drunk driving continue to be well-documented and studied, newly released statics show that drinking and walking is also often a deadly combination.

Rollover car accident leaves one dead, three injured

Drivers involved in car accidents often remark later how quickly things spun out of control. Many car accidents are the result of drivers who are engaging in unsafe driving practices and behaviors. Talking or texting on a cellphone, speeding and engaging with passengers are among some of the most common and dangerous driving behaviors that often result in a driver being involved in or causing a car accident.

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