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The importance of manufacturing work in america

The giant of the American economy, the manufacturing industry is one that countless workers rely on as a way of life. Although many experts predict the end of the manufacturing world in the coming years, others beg to differ, pointing out that the industry is as vital as ever before. With the importance of manufacturing in current debate, many have turned to the subtopics of safety and efficiency in America's factories; does the nation's attitude toward manufacturing work reflect an accurate portrayal of the industry itself?

Family pursuing wrongful death lawsuit in alleged suicide case

When people in New Haven die under mysterious circumstances, their family and friends may hold on to the hope that law enforcement officials will find those responsible for their deaths, and that those parties will face criminal charges. If that does not happen, they may still choose to pursue a wrongful death action. One might question how one who was cleared for any criminal wrongdoing can then be the target of civil action for the same issue. Yet civil courts assign liability based on different criteria than those hearing criminal cases. 

Why are expert witnesses important to medical malpractice cases?

Pursuing a medical malpractice case can be extremely trying, particularly if you or a loved one are already suffering under the stress of traumatic injury or wrongful death. When it comes to discussing and proving your medical malpractice case, courts may rely on expert witnesses to provide testimony that can validate or negate your claims. But what are expert witnesses, and why do they matter?

Can you sue a hospital for an infection?

Residents of Connecticut and every state in the U.S. have likely heard someone say, “the hospital is no place for sick people,” or “I got sick at the hospital.” The sentiments were probably delivered tongue-in-cheek, good for a snicker or two, but there are times when a comment like one of these is all too appropriate.

The truth about medical misdiagnosis

For a large majority of Connecticut residents, putting a medical condition or injury into a professional's hands provides a sense of comfort. After all, there is often no trouble in doing so, for doctors are the experts. There are many patients, however, who have not had such a positive experience at a medical facility, whether it is due to negligence, incorrect prescriptions or misdiagnosis of an illness. Medical misdiagnosis is no new problem, but is it really as common as some might assume?

When a safe product abandons its promise

In a society where cigarettes have been replaced by the newer, allegedly healthier and more technologically savvy product called the electronic cigarette, consumers and experts alike have expressed conflicting opinions. Are e-cigarettes really the cigarette of the future, do they fulfill health expectations and, most of all, are they safe? There are a number of facts Connecticut consumers can keep in mind to become prepared in the case that the success of this popular product goes awry. 

Reviewing Connecticut's wrongful death statute

The days and months immediately following the unexpected loss of a loved one in New Haven can be extremely difficult to bear. Those going through them may want to do anything but think about the circumstances that may have led to the deaths of their family members or friends. Yet when questions remain regarding how one might have died, those closest to the decedent may feel compelled to look into matters further to understand what exactly may have happened. If it is revealed that a person's death was due to the negligent or reckless actions of another, those most affected by it may want the chance to hold the responsible party accountable through a wrongful death lawsuit

Life after a traumatic brain injury

Regardless of the cause, life after a traumatic brain injury can become challenging in a plethora of ways. Because not all of these challenges are visible, many of those who have experienced a TBI silently struggle. There are, however, many resources for Connecticut residents dealing with such obstacles, including rehabilitation facilities and even at-home approaches to finding peace of both body and mind.

The unsettling trend of amusement park accidents

It is disconcerting to consider that the same amusement parks that promise to thrill visitors are also the cause of countless injuries and deaths. Wrongful death cases have entered the media spotlight in recent years after a series of accidents have taken place at some of the nation's most popular attractions. Connecticut, like most states, protects consumers in the case that an accident occurs; however, there is a statute of limitations on these laws surrounding wrongful death. Oftentimes these tragic events that surface front-page news fall to the wayside, but what are the possible end results of such incidents?

County facing three lawsuits due to deputies' actions

New Haven residents may understand that law enforcement officials perform a dangerous job that often puts them in the path of people potentially looking to do them and others harm. Thus, their use of excessive force to deal with such individuals is often understood (and in some cases, even appreciated). Yet it should also be understood that such force should not be applied liberally, and that those using it should exercise sound judgment before doing so. Simply assuming that it is needed may not be enough to absolve them if they later face liability claims. 

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