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Landscaping injuries can be more than sunburn and bug bites

Sitting at a desk is not for you, and you may be one of those people who would feel the walls closing in if you had a nine-to-five office job. This may be why you chose to go to work in the landscaping industry.

There are many things that attracted you to the work of a landscaper. Certainly, you may be making good money. Beyond that, landscaping is the job for you if you love being outdoors, meeting different people and having work that is physical and diverse. However, with those benefits comes a unique set of dangers.

Common injuries in the landscaping business

Despite the fact that landscapers make up only 0.8 percent of the employees in Connecticut and across the country, they are victims of 3.5 percent of all fatal workplace injuries. Certainly, you are no stranger to injuries on the job, and you likely go home with scrapes and cuts every day. However, some on-the-job hazards present a greater threat than others, for example:

  • Contact injuries: Catching your clothing or an extremity in machinery or being struck with an object such as a tree limb can result in devastating injuries.
  • Falls: Despite following safety protocol, you may be at risk of falling from a ladder or other height or from ground-level falls caused by tripping.
  • Electrocution: If you or any machinery you are using comes in contact with power lines, you could suffer electrocution. About 1,000 people die annually after an electrocution, and others suffer burns or other complications.
  • Chemical exposure: Pesticides and other chemicals are tools of the trade, and prolonged, unprotected contact with them may lead to severe reactions.

Of course, the weather is its own hazard. Now that the heat of summer has passed, you are less likely to suffer from heat stroke. However, you may work outdoors as the temperature drops. Exposure to cold may result in hypothermia. Either of these conditions can be life-threatening and require immediate medical attention.

Taking action

There are emergency procedures you can begin if a co-worker is injured in any of these ways. In some cases, no further treatment will be necessary, but seeking medical advice for any on-the-job injury is always wise. Sometimes symptoms of serious injury may not appear for several days following an incident.

When injuries result in medical bills or lost income, workers' compensation is available to help you while you recover. Seeking those benefits can be complicated and frustrating, but just as you can seek professional help for your medical needs, you may find professional guidance for your legal needs.

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