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Is the workers comp system creating inequality?

Regardless of the injury, getting hurt on the job can result in an incredibly difficult legal situation; such situations are only an addition to the myriad of physical and emotional distress that can ensue. In the grim case that a Connecticut worker is injured while carrying out work-related duties, certain laws enforce proper legal action. However, receiving benefits and medical treatment at the expense of an employer can be a complex process, especially in situations where employers neglect their responsibilities to protect their workers. To add to these complexities, workers compensation laws have seen significant change in recent years, sparking debate nationwide.  

Workplace injuries are no new occurrence in Connecticut. The Connecticut Post shares some of the worst recent work-related injuries that took place in the state, revealing that more than 180 workers visited emergency rooms between 2013 and 2015. Among the most common reasons for this trip were stairway falls and slips on ice. The Post also makes note of the alarming 60 percent increase in severe workplace injuries in Connecticut in 2016. So, many workers may wonder, are there steps to preventing this drastic increase in injuries? The answer to that question is also complex. Since January 2015, employers are required to report major injuries to the federal agency.

The number of injuries in the area may be rising, but what about the details of Connecticut's workers compensation laws? The Atlantic News weighs in on the crucial concern among workers across the nation: that of budget cuts to workers compensation benefits. These cuts are only the beginning of the domino effect that ultimately occurred; as a result, inequality among workers with injuries has become a growing issue. The Atlantic nods toward the general dismissal of workers compensation details in job paperwork, remarking that many workers do not notice a cut to their benefits unless they have been hurt on the job themselves.    






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