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September 2017 Archives

Is the workers comp system creating inequality?

Regardless of the injury, getting hurt on the job can result in an incredibly difficult legal situation; such situations are only an addition to the myriad of physical and emotional distress that can ensue. In the grim case that a Connecticut worker is injured while carrying out work-related duties, certain laws enforce proper legal action. However, receiving benefits and medical treatment at the expense of an employer can be a complex process, especially in situations where employers neglect their responsibilities to protect their workers. To add to these complexities, workers compensation laws have seen significant change in recent years, sparking debate nationwide.  

Driver hits man at intersection, flees the scene

Pedestrians in Connecticut have a responsibility to follow laws such as crossing streets in crosswalks. Their vulnerability in a motor vehicle collision makes it especially important for them to follow all safety measures and avoid putting themselves in danger. However, even when a driver sees a pedestrian crossing the street illegally, he or she still has the responsibility to do everything possible to avoid a collision. When a driver is negligent, impaired or distracted, a person on foot may not be able to react quickly enough to keep from being hit. 

Workers compensation and ptsd

When most Connecticut employees consider the topic of workers' compensation, they initially think of injuries due to heavy lifting and labor. While construction work and other physically demanding industries certainly see a higher volume of injuries than other fields, lawmakers are recently debating a common issue found in workers' compensation cases: that of post traumatic stress disorder.  

Business owners may owe customers highest duty of care

In Connecticut, injuries that result from a trip, slip or a fall are not uncommon. However, whether there is an actionable claim for negligence against the property or business owner depends on multiple factors. One such factor is the relationship between the property owner and the injured person.

Man sues hospital after falling while visiting relative

It may be easy for many in New Haven to classify those who file lawsuits following slip-and-fall accidents as being vindictive and "sue crazy" and labeling such action as just another example supporting the perception of a litigious society. Perhaps the biggest falacy in this assumption may be the notion that plaintiffs in such cases are simply looking for a quick cash grab. In many instances, the compensation sought is needed to cover their accident expenses. Given that in such cases, they were invited on to the properties in question under the assumption that the conditions were safe, it might be easier to understand why some choose to pursue action.

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