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How do burn degrees differ?

Connecticut residents who suffer from burn injuries will deal with one of three different degrees of burns. It's crucial to understand what each of these degrees means and how they can impact you in order for you to treat them properly in the aftermath of your accident.

WebMD details the difference between different burn degrees, starting with the least severe: first degree. These burns are generally superficial and mild. Your outer layer of skin, the epidermis, will become red and may be painful to the touch. Generally speaking, these burns will heal in a short span of time, especially if you act quickly to treat them. On a whole, no amount of large or permanent damage will be done.

Second degree burns occur when the epidermis and dermis are both affected. They're called "partial thickness" burns and usually result in redness, swelling and pain. Blistering is also common. This is the middling level of burn intensity and can be quite painful. Burns in this category may take longer to heal and be more severe, but generally don't leave lasting damage.

Third degree burns are the most severe. They affect deeper tissue in addition to the dermis and epidermis, and can sometimes penetrate all the way to fatty tissue or bone. Your skin may become blackened, whitened, or charred. It's also possible that you won't feel pain in the area due to numbness from nerve damage. These burns leave lasting disfigurement and scars, and the damage may be difficult to heal from entirely.

Knowing the severity of your burn not only helps you treat it, but will also allow you to better understand what medical compensation you should be seeking.

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