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Negligence and third-party liability in the workplace

When you sustain an injury on the job in Connecticut, your first thought may be to file a workers’ compensation claim to cover your medical expenses and provide some financial support while you recover. However, if another person causes your injury through negligence, you may in a position to seek further compensation, as well. At The Law Office of George H. Romania, LLC, we often help employees identify when a third party may be held accountable for damages after a work injury.

Seeking third-party compensation does not limit your workers’ compensation coverage because this system is a no-fault system, meaning that you receive compensation no matter who caused the injury. But, another employee or someone who does not work for the company may be liable for damages if he or she intentionally seeks to do you harm, or hurts you through negligence.

The Cornell University Law School’s Legal Information Institute explains that all people have the duty to act in a way that would not cause harm to another person. While accidents happen, there are times when a reasonable person should have known that the behavior could hurt someone. If it does result in harm, that person may be guilty of negligence. For example, if a machine that you are using malfunctions due to a design defect, the manufacturer may be at fault for your injury.

More information about the compensation options that may be pursued after an on-the-job injury caused by negligence of a third party can be found on our web page.

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