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Road debris: A major crash hazard

Spring cleaning, the end of the spring semester at universities and nicer weather in Connecticut are all contributors to the number of vehicles you may see loaded down with furniture on the highways. While this is a legal way to transport your stuff, it can easily become a serious road hazard if the cargo has not been secured well. The legal team at The Law Office of George H. Romania, LLC, often provides counsel to people who have been injured in traffic accidents involving negligence.

If driving behind a vehicle with a mattress tied to the roof makes you nervous, you have good reason. reports that a AAA study found approximately 132,000 of the 200,000 road debris-related crashes over a four-year period were due to unsecured cargo and improper vehicle maintenance. The study also revealed that more than 500 people died and 39,000 were injured in the accidents. Almost 37 percent of the fatalities happened when drivers had to swerve suddenly to miss the object in the road.

Connecticut law requires loads to be tied down adequately, and experts recommend that you tie large items directly to your trailer or vehicle with rope, straps or netting. Once secured, your entire load should be covered by netting or tarp. Road debris often comes from bits of blown-out tire and rusted exhaust pieces, so you should have these systems checked by a mechanic when you have your oil changed. A person who loses an object on the highway could face a fine of at least $100. More information about dangers on Connecticut roads is available on our web page.

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