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How can you prevent repetitive stress injuries?

Desk workers in Connecticut like you may not realize just how risky your job is. Even if you aren't necessarily dealing with heavy equipment or machinery, the simple act of repeating the same motions every day for the same tasks can actually take a huge toll on you in the form of repetitive stress injuries.

As the name implies, repetitive stress injuries (RSI) are received when you repeat the same motion enough times to literally wear down the parts of the body that perform the task. RSI Prevention has a list of 10 ways to prevent RSI and most of the methods are easy to employ. They include things like reducing your mouse usage, keeping your wrists and hands in the ideal position when typing, and resting often.

Your posture can also contribute to RSI. Sitting up straight will naturally allow your hands and wrists to align into a better position, reducing the friction between your bones and tendons. Your chair is also of vital importance to your posture. Not many people take it into consideration, but the comfort and design of a chair can impact how often you slouch or lean back throughout the day. In turn, this can cause your hands to overwork when typing or doing other desk work, resulting in RSI.

Attentiveness is key to prevention. Be mindful of the way you sit and how many breaks you take throughout the day. Adjust your work habits accordingly if you notice that something is beginning to bother you or put strain on your body.

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