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May 2017 Archives

Wrongful death alleged by parents

People in Connecticut know that accidents can and do happen. However, an equal truth is that not every accident really should happen. In many situations, the actions or inactions of human beings either make an incident possible or allow it to escalate or sometimes even both. In cases like this, some may hold responsibility for any eventual outcomes. It is on this basis that those who experience injury or loss may be owed compensation.

PTSD a problem after serious car accidents

Following a serious auto collision, physical injuries can take a toll on your body and your finances. This is generally expected. What most people in Connecticut and elsewhere do not expect is the psychological damage that they experience after going through this type of traumatic event. Post-traumatic stress disorder is actually a fairly common problem among victims of severe car accidents.

Road debris: A major crash hazard

Spring cleaning, the end of the spring semester at universities and nicer weather in Connecticut are all contributors to the number of vehicles you may see loaded down with furniture on the highways. While this is a legal way to transport your stuff, it can easily become a serious road hazard if the cargo has not been secured well. The legal team at The Law Office of George H. Romania, LLC, often provides counsel to people who have been injured in traffic accidents involving negligence.

How can you prevent repetitive stress injuries?

Desk workers in Connecticut like you may not realize just how risky your job is. Even if you aren't necessarily dealing with heavy equipment or machinery, the simple act of repeating the same motions every day for the same tasks can actually take a huge toll on you in the form of repetitive stress injuries.

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