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Effects of a crush related injury

Connecticut workers who spend time around heavy machinery often risk the chance of getting into an accident that could leave them with a crush injury. Crush injuries can range from mild to severe to even lethal, and they have a plethora of both long and short term effects that can temporarily or permanently alter a worker's health and well-being.

Medline Plus outlines all of the most immediate and noticeable injuries that can result from a worker being crushed. This includes lacerations and bruising, bone fractures or breaks, and even damage to the nerves. Compartment syndrome can also occur, which is when muscle, tissue, nerve and blood vessel damage all occur after a prolongued or increased period of exposure to extreme pressure.

Meanwhile, Medic Tests describes crush injury syndrome, which is a potentially lethal side effect of a person being pinned or crushed for a long period of time. During the period of pressure, certain toxins build up within the body. These toxins can then be released after the person is freed from whatever is crushing or pinning them. This can cause an almost instantaneous worsening of their physical condition, and they may even die soon after. For this reason, medics treating crush injuries are warned to look for signs of possible crush injury syndrome before moving a worker or removing anything trapping them.

Crush injuries can impact workers in both small and big ways. Treating them quickly and safely is the best way to ensure that the damage is as short-lived as possible.

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