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April 2017 Archives

Child dies after being sandwiched between vehicles

Connecticut residents often have to make instantaneous decisions and respond with lightning speed to situtions on the road when driving. Even when successfully able to respond appropriately so as to proactively stay out of the way of an accident, drivers are not always able to avoid being hit. This is because other drivers may not appropriately respond to the need for a change of course or speed.

Explaining the application of the attractive nuisance doctrine

As the spring and summer months approach, your thoughts quickly turn to all of the fun activities in New Haven awaiting you and your family. However, we here at the Law Office of George H. Romania, LLC would warn you to exercise caution, especially with your children. For as much fun as climbing trees or swimming in a neighbor’s pool may be, such activities to present risks (many of which your kids still do not fully comprehend). Should one of them be injured by such an attraction, can you hold the owner of the property on which it’s located liable?

Distracted driving is dangerous driving

For many decades now, Connecticut drivers have heard about the dangers of driving after consuming alcohol. There is no disputing the fact that too many people have died or been injured at the hands of drunk drivers. Today, a new and seemingly equally dangerous behavior is threatening the safety of innocent people every day. That danger is distracted driving. As cellphones have been standard issue for pretty much every person in the nation, the ability to put them away while behind the wheel seems to have been lost.

Effects of a crush related injury

Connecticut workers who spend time around heavy machinery often risk the chance of getting into an accident that could leave them with a crush injury. Crush injuries can range from mild to severe to even lethal, and they have a plethora of both long and short term effects that can temporarily or permanently alter a worker's health and well-being.

Brain injuries can happen more easily than you think

It does not take much to cause a brain injury. Car accidents, falls, sports injuries, even if they seem minor, can result in major injuries. Imagine taking a fall in a department store and hitting the back of your head on the floor. Fortunately, there was carpet, so you only suffered some swelling. While the injury does not seem serious on the surface, the fall could have bruised your brain.

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