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What OSHA violations do I need to watch out for?

As an employee in Connecticut, you need to constantly be aware of any violations at your workplace that may put you in danger. While most business owners do everything possible to protect their workers, you cannot trust that that will be the case at your job. You need to be vigilant and aware of the most common risks that can cause you injury or death. The Department of Labor details the most dangerous citations that you will need to avoid in order to stay safe.


First, the biggest risk to workers has been shown to be falls. More employees die from violations leading to falls than any other issue. Most often this is due to failure to effectively protect against falls, but can also be caused by improper scaffolding and ladder issues. Be sure that all procedures are accurately followed and that equipment is maintained and safe.


Another big risk for employees is electrocution. Even if you do not typically work with electricity, there are still problems that can occur and lead to serious injury or death. Issues with electrical wiring and violations of general electrical requirements can also lead to electrocution and should be carefully monitored. If you notice any other employees breaking rules, report it immediately to prevent any accidents.


In addition to these, other risks that you need to be aware of include machine guarding, respiratory protection, powered industrial trucks and hazard communication. This information is intended for your safety education and should not be taken as legal advice.


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