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Shopping carts can pose a real risk to kids

Every year children in Connecticut and all over the nation are injured while riding in shopping carts. Despite manufacturer claims of safety, shopping carts still pose a significant risk, especially when parents aren’t vigilant. While it may be impossible to prevent an accident from occurring, there are steps that can be taken to greatly reduce the risk of serious injury.

According to Parents, some officials think it’s best for children to forgo riding in shopping carts altogether. This has much to do with the variety in cart design, which means it can be impossible to anticipate potential safety issues. Additionally, there are no safety standards in place in the United States dictating the safest method for shopping cart design. As a result, parents run the risk of encountering a dangerous design that could pose a real threat to their child’s safety.

Babies are particularly vulnerable when it comes to shopping cart accidents. In some cases it can take very little weight to tip over a shopping cart, which can result in tragedy in the event a child sustains a head injury. Conversely, smaller babies run the risk of slipping through their straps and possibly falling from the cart. Because child seating is situated so high in shopping carts, the risk of falling is perhaps the most dangerous.

For parents that must place their kids in carts during shopping excursions, Nationwide Children's Hospital offers a few important safety tips. For instance, kids should only be placed in the appropriate seating. They should never be allowed to ride in the front of the cart with the groceries or on the back of the cart. If there are safety straps, be sure the child is secured accordingly. Children should not be left unattended in the cart, as even a moment’s inattention can lead to catastrophe. 

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