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February 2017 Archives

Distraction, impairment and restraints part of jump in deaths

When shopping for new cars, trucks or other passenger vehicles, Connecticut residents see the many safety features now included in so many vehicles. From airbags to braking assistance and more, there seems to be no end to the number of technological advances put into service for the primary goal of keeping people safe on the road. Sadly, however, all the safety features in the world seem to be unable to make the necessary dent in the tragic number of people who die on U.S. roads.

Workplace slip-and-fall accidents

Many people in New Haven do not take slip-and-fall accidents seriously. As common as this type of accident is, many people are not aware that it is a major cause of serious injury for employees in their workplace. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, fall incidents that occurred where workers fell to lower surfaces or to the same level resulted in 798 employee deaths in 2014. They were also the reason “261,930 employees in the local government, state and private sectors missed work”.

Recovering after a loved one’s wrongful death

The death of a spouse can be difficult under any circumstances. If a spouse dies because of misconduct at work, however, sometimes it can be harder for families to know what to do. While considering their options, it is important for Connecticut families to take time to grieve.

What are some of today’s most common office injuries?

When you think of Connecticut’s most dangerous jobs, you might envision those held by firefighters, law enforcement officials and, perhaps, commercial truckers. You may not picture someone sitting in a corner cubicle, pounding away at a keyboard, but the reality is, employees all over the country fall victim to workplace-related injuries and ailments every day.

What are the most common injuries in slip-and-fall accidents?

For the millions of people who fall each year, the injuries can sometimes be life-changing. You may be surprised by how dangerous slip-and-fall accidents can be, but 20 percent of falls lead to head trauma, broken bones or other serious injuries. People in Connecticut need to be aware of how common this problem is and how they can prevent it from occurring.

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