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March 2015 Archives

When accidents are caused by distracted drivers

Thousands of Connecticut motorists are involved in car accidents every year. Many of these crashes are caused by distracted drivers. Driving takes a lot of skill and focus and when a driver takes his or her eyes of the road for even a few seconds, a serious accident can occur. This is a serious issue, as a distracted driver can be held liable for any damages. There are some common types of distractions though which can easily be avoided and possible accidents averted if drivers were to pay attention to their surroundings. What should one do if their injuries are caused by a distracted driver?

What happens when helmets aren't worn in fatal motorcycle wrecks?

Many states require that motorcyclists wear helmets, and for good reason. Helmets protect the brain and help reduce the likelihood of head injuries and subsequent fatalities. Connecticut does require helmets, but not for all motorcyclists. Those who are 16 and 17 years old must wear a helmet, as well as those who are over age 18 and have only a permit. So what happens in fatal motorcycle wrecks when the motorcyclist is not wearing a helmet and is killed by another motorist? Does the absence of a helmet affect liability as well as compensation in a wrongful death case?

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