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May 2014 Archives

Family turns to bar owners after fatal accident

When Connecticut drivers get behind the wheel of the car after drinking, they are making a choice to drive under the influence of alcohol. If they make the choice to drive when they are over the legal blood alcohol limit, they are putting other drivers, even their passengers at risk.

Lawsuit continues against Connecticut DOT for 2005 crash

Dump trucks may not seem perilous, but just like semi-trucks these vehicles pose a danger to other drivers and passengers by virtue of their size and weight. It is important that all trucks and commercial vehicles receive regular maintenance and repair in order to be as safe as possible to prevent semi-crashes and accidents. Failure to do so may mean that a truck company or driver could be liable for any injuries that result due to negligent maintenance or upkeep.

Drunk driver hits three cars and crashes into gas station

Individuals who drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs pose a major threat to public safety. A car weighs thousands of pounds and, when operated by an individual who is drunk, becomes a dangerous weapon. The events that transpired when one 31-year-old Connecticut woman recently chose to drive drunk, prove the adverse effects alcohol has on an individual's ability to process information, reason and react.

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