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How to reduce one's chances of seeing a drunk driver on the road

When Connecticut residents venture out onto the open road, they know it is a possibility that they'll be involved in a car accident. While no one expects to encounter a drunk driver on the road, it is an unfortunate possibility. However, what if there was a way that individuals could lower their risk of finding themselves at the same location as a drunk driver?

Because of this being such a common occurrence, a news reporter gathered Department of Transportation data and compiled a list of the most common areas across the state where one may encounter a drunk driver. Nearly 5,000 DUI car accidents that occurred across Connecticut from 2010 to 2012 were examined. This information led to the discovery of common areas where DUI-related car wrecks were likely to occur.

There were four different areas in New Haven that totaled over four dozen crashes that were DUI-related. Nearly 10 car accidents took place at the intersection of the Berlin Turnpike, Route 372 and Route 9 in Berlin. Other cities in Connecticut, such as Hartford, Enfield, Norwich and New London, also had their own share of DUI-related accidents in certain areas.

Although being familiar with these hot spots for drunk drivers may reduce one's chance of encountering a person under the influence, it will not completely eliminate the threat. Unfortunately, no matter how many precautionary measures are taken, a drunk driver can still be encountered on the road. A drunk driving accident can result in serious injury for all parties involved. Connecticut residents who have been seriously hurt or know someone who has been hurt by a drunk driver would do well to seek out and pursue available legal options to them, as one may be able to recover numerous damages, such as lost wages, medical expenses and other accident-related damages.

Source: NBC Connecticut, DUI Crash Hot Spots, Len Besthoff, Feb. 4, 2014

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