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December 2013 Archives

Dad Hosted Party Where Teen Driver Drank Before Fatal Crash

In a case of underage drinking in Connecticut, a teenager was killed in a car accident. The driver, a 17-year-old, had a blood alcohol content of .11. The legal alcohol content level for persons under 21 is .02. In this unfortunate accident, the driver and the other three passengers attended a party at a local home and property whose owner was aware of the drinking and seemingly condoned it. However, the rule that the police were told by one of those attending the party was that no one could drink and drive. They were expected to either camp out on the property that the party was held on or sleep in the basement of the "White House," as the home was called.

Tis the season to brush up on safe winter driving tips

As Connecticut residents gear up for the busy holiday season, winter weather is always a consideration. Each year, far too many drivers are involved in car accidents in which inclement weather plays a role. In many cases, these types of accidents could be prevented if drivers would follow basic safe winter driving tips.

Thanksgiving 2013 riskier for Connecticut drivers than 2012

Holiday weekends are often considered to be more dangerous for highway travel than a typical weekend throughout the year. Why? It may be the increased number of travelers, the longer distances between destinations, higher concentration of parties where alcohol is served or even an increase in late nights that result in more drowsy drivers when it comes time to get home.

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