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Connecticut drivers warned to slow down in work zones

Individuals who work on road construction crews are often able to relay at least one incident where they experienced a close call with a motor vehicle. The men and women responsible for building and repairing our nation's roads and highways literally risk life and limb each day as speeding cars and trucks zoom within mere feet of their outdoor offices.

During 2011 alone, there were a total of 892 reported car accidents that occurred in work zones along Connecticut highways. Roughly 34 percent of those accidents were rear end accidents caused by drivers who were following too closely or not paying attention. Other common factors contributing to work zone car accidents included improper lane changes and loss of control of a motor vehicle.

In an attempt to improve the safety of road construction workers and motorists, Connecticut drivers found speeding through work zones will soon be subject to increased fines and penalties. The so-called endangerment charge will target drivers of cars traveling in excess of 75 MPH and truck drivers speeding in excess of 65 MPH. Drivers who violate of these excessive speeds will be subject to fines as well as driver's license penalties.

Drivers traveling through work zones often fail to adequately slow down. Work zones, however, are often accompanied by men and women working in close proximity to traffic as well as narrowed lanes and uneven road surfaces. Drivers who fail to abide by posted work zone limits not only endanger their lives, but also those of construction workers and other motor vehicle occupants.

Connecticut residents who have been involved in a crash or collision in a construction work zone may choose to take legal action. Injuries resulting from car accidents such as rear-end collisions are often painful in nature and may require both immediate and ongoing medical care.

Source: The Conneticut Post, "Stiff penalties await work-zone speeders," Martin B. Cassidy, Oct. 23, 2013

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