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October 2013 Archives

Connecticut drivers warned to slow down in work zones

Individuals who work on road construction crews are often able to relay at least one incident where they experienced a close call with a motor vehicle. The men and women responsible for building and repairing our nation's roads and highways literally risk life and limb each day as speeding cars and trucks zoom within mere feet of their outdoor offices.

Study uncovers disturbing views towards texting while driving

College students often lead busy lives. In addition to attending classes, many college students also work and readily partake in numerous activities and social events. Juggling school, work and a social life requires the ability to multi-task which is a skill that most college students have mastered.

Adult children often struggle to tell parents to stop driving

We've likely all heard the saying that driving is a privilege and not a right. This saying rings especially true for those individuals who lose their driver's license due to a DUI or major driving violation. While often viewed as a means of punishment, there may be other times where it also makes sense to take away an individual's driver's license. 

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