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July 2013 Archives

Connecticut takes aim at curbing drivers' cellphone usage

Many Connecticut residents drive every day. As a result, many regard driving as a fairly routine and mindless task. This notion, however, is alarming given the fact that thousands of Americans are injured or killed in car accidents every day. It's important, therefore, that drivers take steps to reduce distractions while driving and keep their focus and attention on the important task at hand.

Debate over mandatory helmet law in Connecticut continues

Any motor vehicle accident can result in those drivers and passengers involved being seriously or fatally injured. Motor vehicle accidents involving motorcycles, however, are typically among some of the most serious. According to information provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, during 2010 fatalities stemming from motorcycle accidents comprised 12 percent of all fatal motor vehicle accidents. This number is alarming considering that motorcycles account for less than 1 percent of miles traveled by all motor vehicles each year.

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