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June 2013 Archives

Rollover car accident leaves one dead, three injured

Drivers involved in car accidents often remark later how quickly things spun out of control. Many car accidents are the result of drivers who are engaging in unsafe driving practices and behaviors. Talking or texting on a cellphone, speeding and engaging with passengers are among some of the most common and dangerous driving behaviors that often result in a driver being involved in or causing a car accident.

Voice-activated technology distracting and dangerous for drivers

According to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, roughly 3,330 people were killed in motor vehicle accidents caused by distracted drivers during 2011 alone. Another 387,000 men, women and children were injured in car accidents caused by distracted driving. Talking or texting on a cellphone is one of the most prevalent and distracting activities in which a driver can engage. In an effort to prevent distracted driving accidents, states like Connecticut have enacted laws making texting while driving and talking on a handheld mobile device while driving illegal.

Teen drivers encouraged to avoid distractions this summer

It's June, and as temperatures rise and kids wrap up the school year, many teens will embark on a summer of fun. Driving is often a necessity for many Connecticut teens who rely upon cars to get to and from summer jobs, visit friends or go shopping. While many parents of teenagers often welcome the day their son or daughter can drive and be more independent, such independence is not without risks.

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