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The details of workers' compensation

Not only can work-related injuries be costly and permanent; such incidents can lead to a whole new set of legal obstacles with a company. Employees in Connecticut experience an overall higher rate of work-related injuries, and the damages and fees that occur can differ depending on the accident.

What are the risks associated with extreme heat?

From falling objects to wet floors, a plethora of hazards claim lives and cause serious injuries for workers across all sorts of occupations. During the month of July, some workers, especially those who work outdoors, may suffer as a result of exposure to extreme heat at work. If you work in an occupation that requires you to be exposed to high temperatures, you should understand the risks you face.

Negligence and third-party liability in the workplace

When you sustain an injury on the job in Connecticut, your first thought may be to file a workers’ compensation claim to cover your medical expenses and provide some financial support while you recover. However, if another person causes your injury through negligence, you may in a position to seek further compensation, as well. At The Law Office of George H. Romania, LLC, we often help employees identify when a third party may be held accountable for damages after a work injury.

How can you prevent repetitive stress injuries?

Desk workers in Connecticut like you may not realize just how risky your job is. Even if you aren't necessarily dealing with heavy equipment or machinery, the simple act of repeating the same motions every day for the same tasks can actually take a huge toll on you in the form of repetitive stress injuries.

Effects of a crush related injury

Connecticut workers who spend time around heavy machinery often risk the chance of getting into an accident that could leave them with a crush injury. Crush injuries can range from mild to severe to even lethal, and they have a plethora of both long and short term effects that can temporarily or permanently alter a worker's health and well-being.

What OSHA violations do I need to watch out for?

As an employee in Connecticut, you need to constantly be aware of any violations at your workplace that may put you in danger. While most business owners do everything possible to protect their workers, you cannot trust that that will be the case at your job. You need to be vigilant and aware of the most common risks that can cause you injury or death. The Department of Labor details the most dangerous citations that you will need to avoid in order to stay safe.

How does workers’ compensation work?

If you get injured at work in Connecticut, you will start hearing about workers’ compensation. Most people know about this insurance but do not really know what it is or what it will offer them. HowStuffWorks defines it as insurance that an employer carries for employees to compensate them if they are injured while on the job.

Workplace slip-and-fall accidents

Many people in New Haven do not take slip-and-fall accidents seriously. As common as this type of accident is, many people are not aware that it is a major cause of serious injury for employees in their workplace. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, fall incidents that occurred where workers fell to lower surfaces or to the same level resulted in 798 employee deaths in 2014. They were also the reason “261,930 employees in the local government, state and private sectors missed work”.

What are some of today’s most common office injuries?

When you think of Connecticut’s most dangerous jobs, you might envision those held by firefighters, law enforcement officials and, perhaps, commercial truckers. You may not picture someone sitting in a corner cubicle, pounding away at a keyboard, but the reality is, employees all over the country fall victim to workplace-related injuries and ailments every day.

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