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How do I keep my children safe at the pool?

During the summer months, many people in Connecticut look forward to spending their days on the beach or at a pool. However, if you have young children and you do not exercise certain safety measures, a relaxing day at the pool may result in injury or even death. According to Healthy Children, it may be a good idea to enroll your children in swimming lessons, even as toddlers. This is especially true if you plan to swim often or have a pool at your home. Even if your children already know how to swim, constant supervision is necessary. You should be actively watching children in the water, rather than using your phone or devoting your attention to other tasks.

Boating in Connecticut: the potential dangers

Connecticut is home to a number of gorgeous coastal areas, where sailing and swimming are only a few of many outdoor attractions. Boating is another popular activity in the state. As countless natives and tourists alike hit the waves each season, they also face various responsibilities regarding boat training, activities and operation.

Repercussions of medial malpractice

Cases of medical malpractice in Connecticut can result in a multitude of health and financial issues, and can take many different legal directions. The first and foremost concern is the well-being of the patient, as well as how a doctor's errors may lead to negative short and long term effects. Many factors, such as the failure to treat conditions and the concluding of exact damages, come into focus when determining the outcome of a medical malpractice case.

Olympics conference learns Norwalk concussion laws

As concussions become a larger concern for athletes around the world, one Connecticut woman was able to address the international sports community to discuss how her community was addressing the issues. As the Norwalk Daily Voice reports, the International Olympic Committee World Conference discussed the measures the city of Norwalk took to protect all of its young athletes from the dangers of concussions in sports.

Former Patriots Tight End’s Conviction Erased

As the country was transfixed by the news that former tight end of the New England Patriots and Connecticut native, Aaron Hernandez, had committed suicide in prison, many in the legal world began to speculate on what this would mean for his conviction and the fate of the civil suit of the family of slain Odin Lloyd. According to the CT Post, Hernandez’s conviction has been vacated because he died before being able to exhaust all appeals, which is established in Massachusetts case law. The civil suit for wrongful death is expected to go forward.

Stay safe this summer: Fireworks

There's nothing like watching the colors explode into the night sky after a summer party, but in Connecticut, there are strict laws in place to protect people from the potential hazards fireworks can present. When the law is not followed safety can fall prey to fires, and serious injuries like burns car occur.

Wrongful death alleged by parents

People in Connecticut know that accidents can and do happen. However, an equal truth is that not every accident really should happen. In many situations, the actions or inactions of human beings either make an incident possible or allow it to escalate or sometimes even both. In cases like this, some may hold responsibility for any eventual outcomes. It is on this basis that those who experience injury or loss may be owed compensation.

Child dies after being sandwiched between vehicles

Connecticut residents often have to make instantaneous decisions and respond with lightning speed to situtions on the road when driving. Even when successfully able to respond appropriately so as to proactively stay out of the way of an accident, drivers are not always able to avoid being hit. This is because other drivers may not appropriately respond to the need for a change of course or speed.

5 ways a brain injury affects you in the long-term

The last thing you remember is being struck from the side by a large vehicle. You wake up in a hospital, and you try to talk to those around you. The words come out slow, and you struggle to understand what they're telling you. You have a brain injury, and your life has changed significantly.

A better way to diagnose and treat children with concussions

It's inevitable that, in the course of growing up, a child should experience a few knocks on the head. Often, parents scurry their children to the doctor's office where they undergo a computed topography (CT) scan to assess the severity of the damage and figure out treatment and next steps.

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