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Texting, driving and the law

In today's technologically-centered society, it is difficult to imagine life without a cell phone. Unfortunately, some Connecticut residents hold to this notion even while operating motor vehicles. Texting and driving has long been a nationwide issue, especially among young drivers. While some accidents leave drivers with nothing more than a mere dented bumper, others do not end so fortunately. Regardless of the severity of the accident, those caught using cell phones while driving could face major consequences.

What are some medical conditions that cause car crashes?

When it comes to motor vehicle accidents, any number of factors can lead to a crash. Sometimes, wrecks are caused by drivers failing to pay attention behind the wheel or stay within the speed limit. Regrettably, some accidents also take place because of a driver’s medical condition. Whether you are concerned about a health condition you have or were struck by someone who suffered from a medical condition, it is vital to understand some of the different medical issues that people suffer from which may cause a crash.

What to do after a hit-and-run

Being involved in any car accident in Connecticut can be a terrifying experience, but a hit-and-run can leave you wondering what you should do next. Some of the most natural reactions, such as following the person, can actually land you in more trouble. We at The Law Office of George H. Romania can work to help you receive all the compensation you need no matter what type of accident you are involved in.

Road debris: A major crash hazard

Spring cleaning, the end of the spring semester at universities and nicer weather in Connecticut are all contributors to the number of vehicles you may see loaded down with furniture on the highways. While this is a legal way to transport your stuff, it can easily become a serious road hazard if the cargo has not been secured well. The legal team at The Law Office of George H. Romania, LLC, often provides counsel to people who have been injured in traffic accidents involving negligence.

Distracted driving is dangerous driving

For many decades now, Connecticut drivers have heard about the dangers of driving after consuming alcohol. There is no disputing the fact that too many people have died or been injured at the hands of drunk drivers. Today, a new and seemingly equally dangerous behavior is threatening the safety of innocent people every day. That danger is distracted driving. As cellphones have been standard issue for pretty much every person in the nation, the ability to put them away while behind the wheel seems to have been lost.

Distraction, impairment and restraints part of jump in deaths

When shopping for new cars, trucks or other passenger vehicles, Connecticut residents see the many safety features now included in so many vehicles. From airbags to braking assistance and more, there seems to be no end to the number of technological advances put into service for the primary goal of keeping people safe on the road. Sadly, however, all the safety features in the world seem to be unable to make the necessary dent in the tragic number of people who die on U.S. roads.

Ways for pedestrians to be safe during the winter

As most New Haven residents know, driving in the winter is often hazardous. Since many people do not walk during freezing weather, less consideration may be given for pedestrians in adverse conditions. However, anyone is a pedestrian if they are walking from their cars through a parking lot; others rely solely on walking to go places, regardless of the season. It is important, therefore, to understand how to be safe as a pedestrian at this time of year.

Why and where we are pulled over

The police and highway patrol and sheriff's department are there to protect and serve the citizens. And it's always reassuring when you see a motorist on the side of the road being helped by an officer of the law. At the same time, drivers' aren't always so happy to see the red and blue lights in the rear-view mirror. It's never fun to get cited for a moving violation, but many of us will get a ticket at least once in our life.

The rise and importance of collision-avoidance systems

Many New York drivers have been given the opportunity to purchase a vehicle that is equipped with new safety technology. This is because more automakers are offering it as a feature in some of their car models. Third party reviews of these collision-avoidance systems show what technology is available, and why there is an effort to start moving one kind from optional to mandatory.

Start the New Year with a resolution

To always wear your seat belt. It is a simple message, and it does not take much effort to comply with it. A few seconds as you enter your vehicle. Those few seconds could mean the difference between surviving a vehicle crash with a few bruises or dying at the scene. A crash last weekend on Interstate 95 in Westport provides a tragic reminder of the importance of that message.

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