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Olympics conference learns Norwalk concussion laws

As concussions become a larger concern for athletes around the world, one Connecticut woman was able to address the international sports community to discuss how her community was addressing the issues. As the Norwalk Daily Voice reports, the International Olympic Committee World Conference discussed the measures the city of Norwalk took to protect all of its young athletes from the dangers of concussions in sports.

As the first city to enact its own set of rules regarding how all youth sports must handle concussions, rather than just how high school athletes should be handled, nearly 9,000 more children are covered by the rules, and more parents and coaches have been given training on what to do in the case of a suspected concussion. Some believe that the state law does not go far enough in protecting those who participate in youth sports since only high school athletic programs are targeted in the law. Since youth sports programs can be lucrative, some worry that enacting these laws will make the programs more likely to be sued.

Negligence and third-party liability in the workplace

When you sustain an injury on the job in Connecticut, your first thought may be to file a workers’ compensation claim to cover your medical expenses and provide some financial support while you recover. However, if another person causes your injury through negligence, you may in a position to seek further compensation, as well. At The Law Office of George H. Romania, LLC, we often help employees identify when a third party may be held accountable for damages after a work injury.

Seeking third-party compensation does not limit your workers’ compensation coverage because this system is a no-fault system, meaning that you receive compensation no matter who caused the injury. But, another employee or someone who does not work for the company may be liable for damages if he or she intentionally seeks to do you harm, or hurts you through negligence.

Former Patriots Tight End’s Conviction Erased

As the country was transfixed by the news that former tight end of the New England Patriots and Connecticut native, Aaron Hernandez, had committed suicide in prison, many in the legal world began to speculate on what this would mean for his conviction and the fate of the civil suit of the family of slain Odin Lloyd. According to the CT Post, Hernandez’s conviction has been vacated because he died before being able to exhaust all appeals, which is established in Massachusetts case law. The civil suit for wrongful death is expected to go forward.

Erasing convictions post-mortem for lack of a chance to appeal is a controversial topic, but Massachusetts is not alone, and some federal courts have also used this practice. The Day reports that abatement ab initio has been around for more than a century in the United States, but it is not the law in Connecticut.In fact, while some states allow convictions to go forward after the defendant is deceased, Connecticut considers posthumous appeals unnecessary and dismisses them.

What you should know about trampolines

As Connecticut parents are looking for ways to encourage their children to put away the screens and get active this summer, they may be considering a trampoline or visits to a local trampoline park. However, according to WebMD, they may want to examine the risks of injuries more closely, first.

Statistics show that one trampoline-related injury out of every 200 leads to permanent brain or spinal cord damage, and approximately 17 percent of the total injuries affect the head, neck or both. These are common outcomes of failed flips, somersaults or other risky tricks. Children may also break bones, dislocate limbs or sustain severe bruising as a result of an accident. Parental supervision is not always a failsafe; between a third and a half of the injuries occur while an adult is present.

The effects of a TBI can last a lifetime

In a matter of seconds, your life can change. You may not even have time to process what was about to happen. Like other Connecticut accident victims, all you know is that you were fine one second and not the next. You may not even realize at first that you suffered a serious blow to the head.

Whether you suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car accident, a fall or some other accident, the repercussions to your health and your life may last the rest of your life. Because the brain is a complex and, sometimes, fickle organ, everyone can experience different symptoms and effects from a TBI. After the initial recovery, potentially lifelong affects may become clear.

Stay safe this summer: Fireworks

There's nothing like watching the colors explode into the night sky after a summer party, but in Connecticut, there are strict laws in place to protect people from the potential hazards fireworks can present. When the law is not followed safety can fall prey to fires, and serious injuries like burns car occur.

As Fox61 reports, fireworks can only be purchased by those who are at least 16 years old. The state also limits they types of fireworks that are legally available for purchase to sparklers and fountains. Sparklers are a stick that, when lit, can be held in a person's hand as small sparks shoot a small way. Fountains are often cardboard cylindrical and can be placed on the ground or lit using a hand-held device, and they shoot colors a short range like a water fountain would. Any other firework, like a roman candle, firecracker or any other exploding device is not allowed for personal purchase in Connecticut. Those found breaking the law can get a $100 fine or up to 90 days in jail.

Wrongful death alleged by parents

People in Connecticut know that accidents can and do happen. However, an equal truth is that not every accident really should happen. In many situations, the actions or inactions of human beings either make an incident possible or allow it to escalate or sometimes even both. In cases like this, some may hold responsibility for any eventual outcomes. It is on this basis that those who experience injury or loss may be owed compensation.

That is in some form what the family of a college student in Pennsylvania is holding to be true. Their son had apparently pledged to a particular fraternity on the college campus. As such, he was required to participate in an event as part of his pledge. This event by design was intended to lead the participants to an extreme level of intoxication. Just for starters, this may put the organizers in a position of responsibility for what eventually happened.

PTSD a problem after serious car accidents

Following a serious auto collision, physical injuries can take a toll on your body and your finances. This is generally expected. What most people in Connecticut and elsewhere do not expect is the psychological damage that they experience after going through this type of traumatic event. Post-traumatic stress disorder is actually a fairly common problem among victims of severe car accidents.

According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website, roughly three million people in the United States suffer injuries in major auto accidents every year. Nine percent of those victims may suffer mental health problems as a result. If you are one of them, you may seek compensation for psychological damages, as well as any physical and monetary injuries suffered.

Road debris: A major crash hazard

Spring cleaning, the end of the spring semester at universities and nicer weather in Connecticut are all contributors to the number of vehicles you may see loaded down with furniture on the highways. While this is a legal way to transport your stuff, it can easily become a serious road hazard if the cargo has not been secured well. The legal team at The Law Office of George H. Romania, LLC, often provides counsel to people who have been injured in traffic accidents involving negligence.

If driving behind a vehicle with a mattress tied to the roof makes you nervous, you have good reason. reports that a AAA study found approximately 132,000 of the 200,000 road debris-related crashes over a four-year period were due to unsecured cargo and improper vehicle maintenance. The study also revealed that more than 500 people died and 39,000 were injured in the accidents. Almost 37 percent of the fatalities happened when drivers had to swerve suddenly to miss the object in the road.

How can you prevent repetitive stress injuries?

Desk workers in Connecticut like you may not realize just how risky your job is. Even if you aren't necessarily dealing with heavy equipment or machinery, the simple act of repeating the same motions every day for the same tasks can actually take a huge toll on you in the form of repetitive stress injuries.

As the name implies, repetitive stress injuries (RSI) are received when you repeat the same motion enough times to literally wear down the parts of the body that perform the task. RSI Prevention has a list of 10 ways to prevent RSI and most of the methods are easy to employ. They include things like reducing your mouse usage, keeping your wrists and hands in the ideal position when typing, and resting often.

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